The Butchers Strike Back

16 year-old Rättvik player Adam Villamo is probably the fastest base runner Lund has faced this season. However, his amazing performance was overshadowed by an incredible performance of the veteran pitcher Magnus Höglund who seams better than ever on the mound. he gave away only 2 hits in 5 innings, struck out 4 of the best Lund players and didn't give a single walk or a single run. The defensive play of the day was made by the young Rättvik third baseman Kristoffer Sjöberg who made an incredible diving catch on a powerfull line-drive hit to his left by Brian Jordan in the 4th inning.

Magnus Höglund has been dominant as a pitcher. Takaaki Fujikawa has been much better at home than in Rättvik. DDarin O'Connor got 2 hits and scored twice as a DH.
Lund's lead-off hitter Peter Bruhn was put out by Kim Thunell as Höglund watches his teammate.

Jon Engqvist flying over first base.

Tomas Börjes got a single and a double.

Joakim Persson played rightfield. Tomas Börjes came as a closer. Adam Villamo running.
PO Kajgård added 2 more hits in the second game. Kristoffer Sjöberg scored the 6th run for the Butchers.
Joakim has a reason to smile again, after his second hit of the day. Outfielders Mike Parmach and Jon Engqvist with the beautiful Turning Torso in the background. Emil Hansson continues to develop at top speed. He got 2 hits and played well defensively.
First game with no hits since the 26th of May for Rättvik's lead-off hitter Philippe Longchamps, but he managed to score twice reaching the bases on errors and being walked. The Lund Giants mannaged to put him out only 3 times this season on a total 20 appearence at bat.
Kristoffer Sjöberg safe at first base. Kim Thunell a shure glove at first base.
The contest between Lund centerfielder Mike Parmach and Rättvik centerfielder Adam Villamo continued in the second game. Both made some amazing catches and relays all day long.
Tomas Börjes gave away only one hit and 1 run on a sacrifice fly in 2 innings on the mound. Brian Jordan played another great defensive game at second base. 
Rättvik first baseman Kim Thunell got one hit against Fujikawa to finninsh the day with a total of 4.

Photos: Simon Roy

Match # 17

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