The Butchers "burned" by the Heat

Rättvik's hopes of winning the Swedish Cup in 2007 vannished in the first inning of the semifinal game against Sundbyberg at Örvallen on Saturday. Despite constant efforts to make a comeback after a terrible start the Butchers seamed unable to get a clutch hit when they needed it. The Butchers fininshed 2 innings (the 1st and the 3rd) with bases-loaded and unable to score. They left a total of 18 runners on base, including 9 in scoring position). However, Rättvik never gave up and earned respect from their opponents thanks to the outstanding offensive performances of Mattias Stenis and Fredrik "Fiket" Hansson and a spectacular diving catch by Tobias Andersson in the 8th inning. Sundbyberg's second baseman Oliver Gajzler went 3-for-4, with a double and 4 RBI's, while his teammate Per Lindgren went 3-for-5 with a triple and 2 singles. Sundbyberg offense managed to score 7 runs in the first inning with 6 hits (including 2 doubles), 1 on base on error and 2 walks. Sundbyberg's starting pitcher Micke Andersson gave away 3 runs in 4 innings but the Butchers have been unable to score against the young talented pitcher Nick Soubiea  who also pitched 4 innings. Nevertheless, Rättvik mannaged to score 3 runs in the last inning against Johan Tisell in a desperate attempt to make a comeback. Magnus Höglund pitched the 4 first innings and Mathias Stenis pitched the last 4. With this victory, Sundbyberg will now face Karlskoga in the final of the Swedish Cup 2007 on October the 6th.

Rättvik's Mattias Stenis went 5-for-5 with a double and a triple and 3 singles..

Fredrik "Fiket" Hansson went 3-for-4 with 3 singles. He also scored once and got a walk.

Magnus Höglund got 3 strike outs in 4 innings, but Sundbyberg gave him a hard time in the first inning.

Tomas Börjes has been solid behind the plate. Kim Thunell got 7 of the 12 first put outs at 1st base.

The awakened nightmare of the 1st inning.

After 1 out and a walk, the sluggers of the Heat got 6 hits (including 2 doubles) got on base on error on a weak infield hit towards second base and got another walk to complete a 7 runs rally.

Left fielder Philippe Longchamps has been more busy than ever in the first inning of this game. He desperatly tried to catch a line-drive that landed just a few centimeters from the foul line on a powefull double by Vincent Persson and was forced to rush to the fence in center-left on a deep double by Robert Porsklint. He also got the ball from Philip Gajzler's hit that just flew over Rickard Reimers head and was forced to catch a blooper hit bare-handed to prevent the runner at second to score.

It felt like the longest inning in history for Philippe: -"I saw more action in 1 inning than at all the home games at Butcherfield combined... I guess they were telling me; welcome to the Elitserie..."

The terrible first inning continued and nothing seemed to work for the Butchers.

Rickard Reimer and P.O. Kajgård are not introducing us to a new style of folk danse on these pictures, they were just trying to get Tobias Andersson's relay in their gloves...

Now that the 1st inning was over, it felt like a whole new game.

Magnus Höglund regained control.

The Butchers started to hit.

And Stenis was on fire...

Tomas Börjes reached the bases 3 times; on a hit, a walk and one on base on error.

Fredrik "Fiket" Hansson and Mattias Stenis played one of their best game of the season.

With his 3 hits, "Fiket" finnished the season with a .510 batting average.

Great game for Peter Elfring

A double play by Eric Mercado

Pitcher Mickael Andersson

Rickard Reimer hit a 2 RBI triple along the 3rd base line in the 4th inning.

P.O. Kajgård was the only Butcher to steal a base.

Fiket breaking a double play

Kristoffer Sjöberg

Per Lindgren

Adam Villamo got another hit on a perfect bunt in the 7th inning.

Tomas Börjes couldn't score on that play.

Adam Villamo played a great game.

Nick Soubiea is probably the best pitcher the Butchers have faced this season (honorable mention to Leksand's Nicklas Melin). His curve and change-up were very effective and Rättvik was unable to score during the 4 innings he pitched, but Mattias Stenis hit a triple against him.

Kristoffer Sjöberg got a sacrifice bunt.

Philippe Longchamps was limited to 1 hit.

Rickard Reimer and Kristoffer Sjöberg victims of a very effective change-up.

P.O. Kajgård got unlucky on a few at bats when he was put out despite making good contact.

Philip Gajzler welcoming Tomas Börjes and Tobias Andersson at 3rd base.

Mattias Stenis pitched 4 innings and got 4 strike outs and gave away 4 hits and 3 runs.

Mattias Stenis is unquestionably the Butchers MVP of the day, with 5 hits and 4 innings pitched.

Tobias Andersson got on base 3 times during the game.

Reimer saying hi to his former teammate.

Mattias Stenis scoring one of his 2 runs of the game.

Adam's perfect bunt

Peter Elfring

Fiket scores in the 9th inning

Tobias Andersson

Kim Thunell

Philippe Longchamps hitting the last hit and producing the last run of the season for the Butchers in the 9th inning. Emil Hansson reached 3rd base on an error and scored on Philippe's opposite field hit.

 Emil Hansson scoring the last run of the year for his team. We expect him to score many runs in the years to come as he gets better every game.

Tomas Börjes was the last hope for a late comeback but his hit was caught by Per Lindgren in the left-field to put an end to Rättvik's season.

We wish good luck to Sundbyberg in the Swedish Cup Final. However, the Rättvik Butchers can't wait for a rematch next season in the Eliteserie. Thanks for a great game and see you soon.

Photos: Lina Longchamps

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