The Lund Giants "slaughtered" by the Butchers

Tobias Andersson blasted a two-run homer to left.

The Butchers played a great game. Mattias Stenis and Janne "Stroppen" Sandh gave away only 1 hit in 7 innings.  The Butchers were able to take a four-run lead in the first inning, and they never looked back. Lund's starting pitcher Takaki Fujikawa finished the inning with two strike-outs and Lund started the second inning well with a double by Danish player Michael Falk but Rättvik's infielders, Marcus Glad, Kristoffer Sjöberg, Rickard Reimer and Kim Thunell took care of the 3 next batters with some beautiful defensive plays.

Mattias Stenis got 7 strike-outs and didn't give away a single walk in 6 innings pitched: -"I went out there, I got the lead, so my main thing was to just pound the strike zone, make them put the ball in play, and not give up any free passes."

Rättvik's outstanding offensive performance overshadowed their own defensive gems. With a total of 17 hits the Butchers showed that they don't need to rely exclusively on their pitchers to win. Newcomer Rickard Reimer played an amazing game at short-stop and went 3-for-3 with 2 doubles, a single and a walk. Tobias Andersson hit his third homerun of the season and added a single, a walk and was hit by a pitch (again) during the game. Tomas Börjes got a single, a double and a walk. Philippe Longchamps went 5-for-5 against his former team, Kristoffer Sjöberg, Emil Hansson, Fredrik Hansson, Marcus Glad and Kim Thunell got one single each.

The Butchers kept the pressure on Lund. Rickard Reimer: 1 single, 2 doubles and a walk

Kristoffer Sjöberg played his best defensive game of the season at third base, Markus Glad got 2 assists and 2 put-outs at second base. Catcher Tomas Börjes acted as a virtual brick wall behind the plate. Philippe made a terrific, but unnecessary, sliding catch in the left field, Adam Villamo showed that he's gaining confidence at center field with another great catch on a line-drive, Tobias Andresson got 3 put-outs in the right-field and Rickard Reimer is bringing experience to our infield, leading by example and giving good advice to his teammates. The presence of Magnus Höglund as an assistant coach had a huge impact on the Butchers. His experience and pedagogical qualities are needed and appreciated by all members of the club. Darin O'Connor and Gustav Uhr were used as designated hitters in the 5th and 6th inning.

Some of the credit can go to a solid pitching performance by relief pitcher Janne "Stroppen" Sand, who managed to dodge bullet after bullet in the 7th inning allowing no hits and no runs despite a walk and two fielders-choice.

Lund Giants defensive highlite of the game came in the 4th inning when second baseman Charlie Hodgdon turned out a beautiful double-play with the help of his teammates Thomas Zalcberg and Kasper Hertvig-Olsen.

Marcus Glad and Takaki Fujikawa Mike Parmach and Tomas Börjes
Thomas Zalcberg Kristoffer Sjöberg
Newcomer Rickard Reimer Takaki Fujikawa
Philippe's slinding catch Adam Villamo
Emil Hansson Charlie Hodgdon's double play
Fredrik Hansson Darin O'Connor
Janne "Stroppen" Sandh in action....
Andy Nilsson Brian Jordan
Peter Bruhn Tomas Börjes Marcus Glad
Charlie Hodgdon Brian Jordan Kim Thunell
Thomas Zalcberg Philippe Longchamps Hodgdon and Hertvig-Olsen
Mattias Stenis throws to Kim Thunell at first base for an out. Lund's Mike Parmach is the victim.
Some action in the outfield
Former teammates Hodgdon and Longchamps Gustav congratulates Tobias after his home run.

Match # 14

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