The Butchers merciless against Lund

Lund's catcher Peter Bruhn facing Fredrik "Fiket" Hansson.

After getting slaughtered in the first game, The Butchers thought Lund would come out big in the second game of the double header, but with their last game before the summer break, the Butchers were eager to extend their winning streak. This game was a very close one until the bottom of the 6th inning. The Giants couldn't score more than 3 runs in a 5th inning rally. Thomas Zalcberg missed a grand-slam by a few meters when his hard hit ball curved towards the left when it crossed the foul line post over the left field fence. That could have given the Giants a comfortable lead. However, Rättvik who seemed unpleased with a 5-3 lead exploded for 8 runs in the 6th inning.

Lund's American starting pitcher Brian Jordan pitched the 4 first innings for his team despite a shoulder injury. He managed to strike out one of the Butchers best slugger twice but gave away 5 earned runs. Once again Philippe Longchamps came to haunt his fomer team scoring the first run of the game and hitting 4-for-5 as the lead-off hitter. Lund's Danish catcher Peter Bruhn and first baseman Stefan Gesele made a nice double-play with bases loaded to put an end to the first inning.

Fredrik Hansson pitched 5 innings for the Butchers and newcomer Rickard Reimer came in for his first save in the top of the 6th inning.

Offensively, the Butchers got a solid performance from their first baseman, Kim Thunell, who went 2-for-2 with an RBI and he was hit by a pitch twice. The Butchers managed 13 hits and they were able to come up with a clutch hit when they needed one. Rickard Reimer went 1-for-1 and got 2 sacrifice fly, 3 RBI's and a walk. Mattias Stenis got a double as a pinch-hitter, Emil Hansson went 1-for-1 and scored the winning run. Tomas Börjes and Fredrik Hansson went 1-for-2, P-O Kajgård and Kristoffer Sjöberg went 1-for-3.

Lund's right fielder Andreas Nilsson made an incredible catch in center-right in the 6th inning and got an assist on a play to second base. Giants center fielder Mike Parmach got 4 put-outs and was the first player to steal a base against Tomas Börjes since June 10th. Offensively, Peter Bruhn was the best for the Giants. He went 2-for-3 but was caught stealing in the third inning. Oliver Speling, Stefan Gesele, Kasper Hertig-Olsen and Michael Falk got one hit each against Fredrik Hansson.

What a start for Rickard Reimer! He hits for 1.000 and got 4 RBI's in his first 2 games. Philippe Longchamps is on an incredible tear in Rättvik, collecting 9 hits in the two games against his former team. The Butchers were hit by pitch 5 times this weekend.

The Lund players refused to received the MVP award because they said that no individual player deserved to win it. So the Butchers gave it to the team and Lund's manager Charlie Hodgdon is in charge to give it to their own 2007 MVP at the end of the season. The Lund player's were really disapointed with their performance and they can't wait for a rematch. They said: -"You got to give credit where credit is due, we were facing an awfully good baseball team, but we have made a mistake playing 4 away games last weekend. Our guys were not in the game, injured and tired from the long, long, long trip to Dalarna."

Adam Villamo and Tobias Andersson

Emil Hansson

Fredrik Hansson

Peter Bruhn

Oliver Spealing

Philippe scoring


Takaki Fujikawa and Mattias Stenis

Rickard Reimer

Stefan Gesele did a good job at first base Tomas Börjes played another great game

Fredrik Hansson and Mike Parmach Rickard Reimer pitching

Rasmus Nörgård, Charlie Hodgdon and Brian Jordan could'nt believe what happened to their team. Darin O'Connor presenting the Dalaridå "MVP" Dalahäst to Lund manager Charlie Hodgdon.

Match # 13

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