The Amazing Butchers...

Kristoffer "Superman" Sjöberg make another incredible catch in the 6th inning.

The Örebro Eagles played a great game and managed to get more hits than the Butchers. Eagles pitcher Anders Nygren limited Rättvik's offense to only 4 hits during the game but clutch hitting with runners on base made the difference at the end. Rättvik played well at defense while Tobias Andersson and Kristoffer Sjöberg produced all 5 RBI's of the game.

Tobias Andresson is once again: "The hero of the game" 8 strike outs for Mattias Stenis in 7 innings pitched Another great performance by Tomas Börjes behind the plate.
Rättvik slugger Tobias Andersson hit his 4th Home Run of the season (3rd at Butcherfield) on his first pitch of the day in the first inning to give his team a comfortable 3-0 lead against Örebro.
The Butchers celebrating Tobias Andersson's 3 instant winning RBI's.
Rickard Reimer completing a double play. Jesper Joelsson going to 3rd on C. Johansson's hit.
P.O. Kajgård hitting a double to right-center in the 8th inning.

Rickard Reimer

P.A. Blad     Mattias Stenis
Elias Sölveling M.Staaf and M.Stenis Emil Hansson
Kristoffer Sjöberg got one hit against Örebro's pitcher Andres Nygren.

Rickard Reimer registered his 3rd save of the season pitching the 2 last innings without giving away a run.
Another great game for Kim Thunell, he got his 16th hit of the season in the 6th inning. 
P.O. Kajgård played in important role in the game. Kristoffer Sjöberg and Rickard Reimer.

Kim Thunell at first base.

Philippe Longchamps leading-off.
Mattias Stenis P.A. Blad
Philippe Longchamps Kim Thunell Rickard Reimer
Mattias Stenis mannaged to strike out Jesper Joelsson twice during the game.
17 year-old Kristoffer Sjöberg played like a real pro and he's getting better everyday.
Tomas Börjes proved once again that he is the best catcher in the division.
Philippe Longchamps has been busy running in the outfield and on the bases all game long.
Adam Villamo made another great catch in center. Tomas Börjes' intesity is one of his greatest asset.
Emil Hansson Tobias Andersson
P.O. Kajgård and Rickard Reimer going for another double play.
The Butchers celebrating this important victory soon after Philippe Longchamps made another sliding catch in left field to get the last out of the game. 

Photos: Lina Longchamps

Match # 20

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