Darin O'Connor and Philippe Longchamps are giving P.G. Sjöberg a Champagne shower to celebrate Rättvik's comeback to the Elite Serie after their second victory of the day against Örebro.

Veteran pitcher Magnus Höglund played his first complete game of the season, allowing only 6 hits and one walk, while striking out 6 in a very intese and exciting final at Butcherfield.
Fredrik "Fiket" Hansson made a comeback as a DH despite a bad shoulder injury that forced him out of play for the last month. Adam Villamo ignited a 3 run rally  with a sacrifice bunt.
P.O. Kajgård at second base. Marus Glad on his way to score the 8th run.
Kristoffer Sjöberg got another hit and scored a run. Adam Villamo played well at center-field
P.O. Kajgård went 2-for-4 and scored the tying run in the 4th inning.
Philippe Longchamps got his 33rd hit of the season and produced the winning run of a sacrifice fly.
Emil Hansson P.O. Kajgård Kristoffer Sjöberg
Busy day for Adam Villamo in center field. We see him running on Christoffer "Bullen" Johansson's triple.
Kristoffer Sjöberg Marcus Glad

Marcus glad is telling Rickard Reimer to stand up to score the 9th run of the game.

Steffan Unesthål played a great game, he went 2-for-3 but was put out once by Mattias Stenis at first base. Ruben Garcia got 2 hits and 2 walks in the first game but nothing in the second... except an error in the outfield. Örebro's runners were not as agressive as in June, they didn't try to steal a single base against Tomas Börjes
Reimer and Kajgård Emil Hansson Philippe Longchamps

Rickard Reimer making the last out of the game.

Well done Butchers!!!
Darin O'Connor presented the Dalaridå MVP Dalahäst to Örebro's catcher Christoffer "Bullen" Johansson who hit a single, a double, a triple and caught one man stealing second base. P.O. Kajgård wishes good luck to Zerit Berahi after the game, since the Örebro Eagles will have to play the qualifications for the Elite serie against Alby in September.

The Rättvik Butchers can't wait to meet the Eagles next year in the Elite Serie. Good luck against Alby!

Now let the Champagne flow !!!!

A shower for P.G. Sjöberg

P.G. enjoying the moment !

Marcus Glad was thirsty...again :-)

Darin O'Connor and P.G. cheering for their team! It was Magnus Höglund's turn to have a taste...
You can read P.O's joy in his eyes... Emil Hansson, Joakim Persson with Ingemar.
Thanks to our fans for your support and we hope to see you again at Butcherfield next year.

And now it was time for the Butchers players kids to join the party!!!

Tusen tack till alla för en bra säsong och vi ses i eliten !!!

Photos: Lina Longchamps

Match # 19

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