*Walk-over victory against City

Janne "Stroppen" Sandh and Joakim Domar Persson waiting for their opponents to show up.

The Butchers won the first game of the double-header at Butcherfield without having to play a single inning. One car with 4 players from the Stockholm City team arrived more than one hour late to Rättvik. The Butchers' dugout was filled with 17 players ready to take the field for two awaited games against a team with which they had a score to settle. They had to wait for the second game to crush their opponents 10-0 in 5 innings.
After delaying the start of the game a few times, the umpire Mattias Jansson from Gävle gave the victory to the Butchers by "walk-over".  Since City's players had no good excuse for being so late he was forced to invoke the walk-over rule.  Darin O'Connor was all "pumped-up" preparing for the game and looking forward to take revenge for his loss in Stockholm. Unfortunatly, he never got the chance to pitch a single inning, since 4 players from City were still 60km from Rättvik at 13h00. 
Rättvik's PG Sjöberg and City's P. Granqvist had the chance to give extra infield-outfield practice.

You can read the disappointment  on the faces of Gustav Uhr, Emil Hanson and Fredrik Hansson when the game was called a walk-over. Nobody likes to win a game this way. Especially when you are eager to play.

The Butchers fans are the best!!! Some of our most loyal supporters waited almost 2 hours before they saw some action. We want to thank you for your support, you are the 10th player on the field. Marcus Glad always keeps a positive attitude and a smile even if his team only played 5 innings during the weekend. His parents and his girlfriend came to watch the game.  P.G. Sjöberg: "this was a shitty baseball weekend, every player would have seen some action if we would have played both games. But, it's impossible to use 17 players in a 5 inning game".
Adam Villamo Darin O'Connor Gustav Uhr

Photos by Felix Persson and Joakim Persson

Match # 12

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