The Butchers take first place

Coach / Player P.O. Kajgård was proud of his team after another convincing victory against Göteborg.

The highlite of the game is the triumphant comeback of Magnus Höglund as a pitcher. This was overshadowed only by P.O. Kajgård amazing performance at shortstop and his two consecutive hits in the last two innings. Mattias Stenis and Peter Jansson got 2 hits each. Futhermore, Philippe Longchamps reached the 30 hits plateau with a double in the 3rd inning. With this victory Rättvik is now leading the First Division with 22 points.

Magnus Höglund's first start for Rättvik since 2004 M. Pennycook played a great game at shortstop
Tobias Andersson scored twice and was hit by a pitch for the 8th time this season... Ouch !!! Tomas Börjes completed a great day of work with a single and 2 runs.

Rickard Reimer hit a double and a single in the first game but was limited to a walk in the second game.

Emil Hansson

Marcus Glad

Gustav Uhr

Philippe Longchamps hit a RBI double on a high fastball to give his team a 1-0 lead in the 3rd inning.

Mattias Stenis went 2-for-2 with a double and a single. He also produced his 15th RBI of the season.

Rickard Reimer ready to swing.

Tobias Andersson scoring his 28th run of the season.

Magnus Höglund didn't gave away a single run in 6 innings and he limited Göteborg to 1 hit only.

Emil Hansson steals second as second baseman Johan Weidolf misses the catcher's throw. Emil managed to reach third base on that play.

Gefle player Gustav Thorsberg played well in a Rättvik uniform. His sacrifice bunt with 2 runners on base helped to ignite a 3 runs rally in the 4th inning.

Rickard Reimer registered his second save in 2 games.

Peter Jansson came as a pinch runner for Philippe after his double.

Gefle and Landslag player, Peter Jansson at first base.

Peter Jansson played an amazing game with 2 hits and 2 runs in 2 at bat.

Rättvik Butchers players recieving visit from their loved ones in the dugout as the game was delayed by the rain. On the pictures we can see Rickard Reimer posing with 2 of his 3 sons and Philippe and his wife Lina. Sunday game was a real family afetrnoon for many Butchers players: Tobias Andersson's daughters were there and, Tomas Börjes and Mattias Stenis respective sons and daughters were also there. The whole Sjöberg family (with the exeption of Kristoffer who's in Holland) and the whole Glad family were there as usual. And many friends, girlfriends, parents and relatives were at Butcherfield to see both games. 

Sean Graham reached first base at his first at bat.

Philip Martin came as a reliever for Curtis Dionne

Designated Hitter Gustav Uhr seemed surprised by Umpire Beau Baldwin's call.

Catcher Tomas Börjes played another great game behind home plate.

Göteborg Pitcher / Shortstop player Martin Pennycook won the Dalaridå MVP Dalahäst award for his combativity in both games. He got 5 stikeouts and didn't give a single walk in the first game. He made some great defensive plays in the second game and was the only Göteborg player to manage to reach the bases twice in the first game. Honorable mention to Curtis Dionne and Philip Martin. 

The Rättvik Butchers wish good luck to Göteborg for the rest of their season. We all hope you'll do very good against your next opponents (especially against Lund and Örebro... Ha ha ha!!!).

Message recieved from a Göteborg player: -Tack för ett bra arrangemang
"Ville bara tacka för ett mycket bra arrangemang och för de lärdomar vi fick i konsten att spela baseboll på ett bra sätt. Fortsatt lycka till på säsongen!"

Martin Pennycook said: "Det gick inge bra. Vi torskade båda... 7-1 och 8-1...Men helt klart är ju att vi inte kan producera offensivt vilket är synd för att vi var ganska duktiga defensivt även om siffrorna är lite missvisande. Rättvik var riktigt bra och är definitivt, med den laguppställningen vi mötte i helgen, ett lag att räkna med i Elitenserien nästa år".

Photos: Bob Rodriguez

Match # 15

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