The revenge of the Lund Giants

After getting cruched 14-0 and 13-3 in Rättvik in July, the Lund Giants were eager to take revenge over the Butchers at Limhamnsfältet in Malmö. That's what they did when they welcomed Rättvik's young starter Joakim Persson with 6 runs in the first inning of the game. Lund took a comfortable 12-3 lead as Persson was replaced by Marcus Glad and PO Kajgård on the mound. Lund starter Jon Engqvist did a good job in the 4 first innings of the game but Rättvik managed to score 6 runs in the last 4 innings. The defensive player of the game for Lund was the young scrappy right fielder Andy Nilsson who got 3 put outs and 2 assist, he also got 2 hits a walk and 2 runs scored. Danish-Japanese player Takaaki Fujikawa has been the offensive player of the game with 2 doubles and 5 RBI's. For Rättvik, Kim Thunell and Kristoffer Sjöberg got 3 hits each.
Though start for Joakim Persson in the first inning but he definitely gained exerience on that day. He got one hit in 4 at bats. Philippe Longchamps has not been put out once during the game, he got 2 hits, 3 walks and on base on error. once on a deep hit to Nilsson. New-Yorker Mike Parmach was hit by pitch twice during the game, he also got one hit, a walk and scored 3 runs for his team.
Marcus Glad pitched 3 innings. Andy Nilsson hit 2 beautiful line-drive.
PO Kajgård got 2 hits and a walk. Jon Engqvist piched a complete game
Joakim Persson played well at right-field Andy Nilsson nailed 2 runners at third base.
Philippe Longchamps went 2-for-3. Kim Thunell went 3-for-5.
Brian Jordan got 3 sacrifice fly during the game. Kristoffer Sjöberg went 3-for-6.
Macus Glad Andy Nilsson
PO Kajgård played another great game at short-stop. Coach/Player Brian Jordan played well defensively. Mike Parmach's "fan club" his cheering him up after the game.
Thomas Zalcberg got 4 walks and scored 3 times in 6 presence at bat.

Both Center-fielders Adam Villamo and Mike Parmach played an excellent game at their positions.
Takaaki Fujikawa hitting one of his 2 doubles.

Photos: Simon Roy

Match # 18

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