The Butchers experienced a total meltdown in the second game in Eskilstuna.

The Rättvik Butchers played their worst game since their comeback in 2006. They left too many runners on the bases and missed many good chances to score due to a lack of clutch hitting. Rättvik finished three innings in a row with bases loaded unable to score. Furthermore, the infield players experienced a total breakdown of errors that led to a serie of unearned runs by the Hammers. Eskilstuna starting pitcher Thomas Häggbolm did well and his team runned the bases agressively and took many chances that payed off. Rättvik strating pitcher Darin O'Connor did a good job but the infeild players just didn't give him a chance to register his first victory of the season. Joakim Persson came in the 5th inning as a relief pitcher but the Butchers meltdown of errors just continued. We have to give credit to Eskilstuna that played a great game and never gave up after three consecutive lost games against the Butchers.
Marcus Glad was back behind the plate for the second game. Darin O'Connor didn't get much help from his infield players. Good game for Eskilstuna's "lefty" Thomas Häggbolm

Match # 3

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