Fredrik Hansson produced the Butchers first run with a double in the 3rd inning.

It was a beautiful day in Göteborg but it felt as if we played the same game twice but with reversed outcomes. In the first game of the double-header Rättvik scored 11 runs in the 5th inning and in the second game Göteborg scored 11 runs in the 4th inning. It was the first time Rättvik played Göteborg at their brand new ballpark and the Butchers played well and took advantage of their opponent's errors. Göteborg gave up too many walks to stay in the game after the 5th inning and the Butchers ran the bases aggressively. A great victory for Rättvik who travelled more than 6 hours to Göteborg without 3 of their best players: P.O. Kajgård, Tobias Andersson and Mattias Stenis. Rättvik's younger players gained experience and made some great individual defensive plays. Fredrik Hansson pitched the first 5 innings and Kristoffer Sjöberg closed the game allowing only one run for his first save of the season.

Another great game for Kim Thunell who scored 3 runs and made a spectacular diving catch at first base. Tomas Börjes scored twice and got 3 RBI's in the first game. As usual he's been solid behind the plate. Philippe Longchamps scored 4 runs as the Butchers lead-off hitter and reached base 5 times in 6 plate appearances.
2 RBI's for Marcus Glad 6 strike-outs for "Fiket" 2 stolen bases for Adam
Great performance by Kristoffer Sjöberg. He mixed a variety of new pitches and gave up only 1 hit. Robin Bolmstam made an amazing catch deep in  center field in the last inning of the game. Jocke Persson scoring the Butchers' 19th run in the first game of the double-header in Göteborg.

Match # 6

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